What Every Person In This World Deserves To Know

Because All Creation Matters

1. A concept called ” Aquaponics ” because you

can grow a millionpounds of food on 3 acreas of land.


2. A weed many see as a tree but is actually a weed

” Moringa Trees “said to be the world’s most giving plant.


3. The world’s most affordable electric system

” Hydro Pico Power “because no person need live in



4. How Parabolic mirrors can generate heat over 2000

degrees F. without expensive fuels for cooking and

killinggerms in water.


5. A Model For Restoring Deserts Into Lush Valleys ….

a model now rescuing millions ….a model out of China ….

that is restoring the deserts of Jordan and Africa.

A model that shows results in little as 3 years.


6. A chance to decide who Jesus really was for themselves.

Most Sincerely …brother Scott.


 ** If…

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